Amarok 1.4 installeren op Ubuntu 11.10 64bit (Oneiric Ocelot)

Amarok 1.4 installeren op Ubuntu 11.10 64bit (Oneiric Ocelot)

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  • Like you after every upgrade I find a way to get Amarok 1.4 working. Thanyou so much, this worked a treat! I needed to do a apt-get -f install after the first batch of dpkg -i but that may have been because I had an old install of Amarok left over from 11.04.
    Thanks again!

    • skerit zegt:

      Hehe: We’re a resilient folk, us Amarok 1.4 lovers. I’m glad you got it working!

      • Berto zegt:

        LOL same here. It’s like I’m some stubborn old man who hates change. As a 15 year Linux user who is still novice, I kind of am.

        It took me this long to get to 11.10.. Thanks for this post. Rockin with 1.4 here too

  • Stephen zegt:

    I too lament the loss of Amarok 1.4 but I’ve successfully weaned myself off it and am using Clementine now. Nearly everything is there and some things even work better than Amarok. Have you given that a try?

    • skerit zegt:

      I have, and I too believe it’s the best runner-up for Amarok 1.4. But it’s still missing a few things, namely a nice overview of your playlists (I don’t like the tab approach. To save them you actually have to export them) and the synchronisation and scrobbling of your ipod/mp3 player tracks. If it had that, I would be content.

    • fher98 zegt:

      What i love about amarok are the auto playlist, does clementine has this options as well?

  • fher98 zegt:

    I dont know why the ppa isnt updated to 11.10,… gonna give your guide a tried but got to search for my 32bits software,, thanks.

  • Anne zegt:

    this is really really helpful!!! thanks!!
    (the first i ask when upgrading to a new Ubuntu version is also whether could i get a functional amarok14!!) :)

  • mordes zegt:

    fher98 yes Clementine has auto playlists

  • Brandon zegt:

    You’re the best! Thank you so much for posting this!

  • Lgto4 zegt:

    Fantastic! I’d given up upgrading after Ubuntu 9.10 due to the difficulties in bringing Amarok 1.4.10 along. But now I’m replacing my daughter’s ancient PMAC with a high-end Shuttle, and decided to start her out on a modern, support OS, Ubuntu 11.10.

    You made it easy. I simply replaced amd64 with i386 and it just works! Thanks!

  • Alexandre Lemke zegt:

    I was looking for a way to install Amarok 1.4. But Clementine fulfill all my needs. Thank you, Stephen and Skerit.

  • Fabio zegt:

    Thanks you. This saved me from the hassle of looking for a distro that did support 14. I’ve tried al the other options(Clementine etc) they al lack something. Great work, thanks!

  • Rob zegt:

    I owe you a beer. Hate that amarok2 interface. What were they thinking?

  • Elemar zegt:

    I do not like KDE, but I fell in love with Amarok 1.4, and in my view do not hesitate player that it outweighs even the version 2.4 it did not exceed 1.4 in audio quality and refused. Besides the library of audio media, has a very elaborate MiniPlayer, management views streming audio, in addition to unsurpassed and equalizer frequency audio quality. How do I use Gnome, if I were to give up one day Amarok1.4 would Exaile for gtk, which in my case is the most viable, due to be Gnome GTK. Clementine, have worked hard to reach the height of Amarok 1.4. I wish the developers had just ported it from QT3 to QT4 without affecting its characteristics and aesthetics of Operating. Amarok 1.4 forever!

  • Jo-Anne zegt:

    Wow! Thanks a lot. I love it. It took me a little fiddling because some of the dependecies were different ( some updates later -d.d. 23 jan 2012 ) but using synaptic in combination with the cli usage of your guide I managed to get it working.. I am soooo relieved. Yes, there are other players, and Clementine is nearly as good, but still, Amarok 1.4 rocks!! I was so utterly disappointed when Amarok 2.x came about.

    Just. Thanks :)

  • AT zegt:

    Worked well, thanks…I think you want to skip the KDE packages if you’re using Kubuntu as you will be downgrading and breaking other dependencies?

    • skerit zegt:

      right: I didn’t think about KDE-users… I wrote it with a GTK environment in mind. That being said: I have installed KDE on this computer and haven’t run into any trouble yet.

  • kait zegt:

    SO SO much thanks!! Quite attached to Amarok 1.4, laptop bricked, new laptop wouldn’t run older ubuntu. I changed all the amd64s to i386s and like Jo-Anne had to mess with Synaptic a bit at the end to get some dependencies straightened, but it still works!

  • Dern zegt:

    Wish it worked for 12.04 as well…

  • youpankeys zegt:

    Thanks skerit, there are to many people waiting for your new post.

  • rod zegt:

    I used to follow your instructions and all it worked ok, but i have problem with cause says “cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”, where i can find this library?

    thank you very much for your tutorial!

  • rod zegt:

    Wow!!!, It works!!! on ubuntu 12.04 i386!!!
    I have fix the problem with lib i use to follow your commands in ubuntu 12.04 but for ,i386, i’ve resolve the problem typeing

    sudo apt-get -f install,

    and all the dependencies were resolved

    Thank you very much!!

  • Jeremie zegt:

    Hi there,

    Thanks a lot for this post, I’m one of these “1.4 forever”, was not sure this time it could be done… I followed these exact command lines on Kubuntu 12.04 (32bit), replacing all “amd64″ with “i386″ and it worked perfectly!

  • rod zegt:

    Hi, im trying it on ubuntu 13.04, and it seems it works very well, thank you very much for providing the way to keep using amarok 1.4!!!

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