(English) Meet this little project I’ve been working on …

(English) Meet this little project I’ve been working on …

on Feb 22 in Computer, Javascript, Linux, Programeren by

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  • Thomas zegt:

    Very neat project!
    It would be great if others would help develop it to add additional features.

    • skerit zegt:

      That would be awesome, indeed!
      I haven’t worked on this project for quite some time, but with good reasons: I’m working on a node.js framework first.

      It’s finally nearing completion though, and I can’t wait to get back to developing Elric.

  • Thomas zegt:

    Great, I will check back in a few months. Yes, you’ve got yourself a stalker 😉

  • MattGyver zegt:

    Spent a whole weekend trying to install this for my ubuntu server and there was so many problems that I gave up after 5 attempts when the layout templates failed to render. Unfortunate because the UI looks great! I would have loved to contribute to the repo.

    • skerit zegt:

      The UI templates are probably failing to render because the template engine (hawkejs) has been modified significantly (it’s on version 0.0.13 now, and I think Elric needs 0.0.1 or 0.0.2), and unfortunately I didn’t specify a specific version when I created this, so it’s just using the last version.

      But anyway: I “paused” Elric development because I noticed I had to create too much framework-like functionality. Which is why I started work on my own framework called “Alchemy”, you can find it here https://github.com/skerit/alchemy

      It’s almost stable enough to rewrite elric on.

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