Disabling MariaDB's Strict Mode (Or: how to handle SQL_MODE)

Strict mode (aka STRICT_TRANS_TABLES) makes the database, well, more strict when it comes to manipulating data. In my case, an older PHP app was inserting new rows, but because some column values were not specified on the PHP side AND those columns did not have a "default" value set in the database, it threw an error. Fixing this "the right way" wasn't really possible, so I wanted to just disable the strict mode.

Meet this little project I've been working on ...

I actually did not want to make this announcement just yet, I felt like I needed to wait for a proper, working version of what I was building. But 3 months have passed, and my colleague's thought what I created was pretty cool already and that it would be interesting if I shared my progress with the world.

Jelle De Loecker