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First conversation with ChatGPT-4

Knowing ChatGPT is wary of providing too much personal information, I asked a question it would be more likely to answer about myself: Which projects has Jelle De Loecker created?

Jelle De Loecker is known for creating the JavaScript library called "Protoblast" and contributing to the creation of the h5ai project. Protoblast is a standalone JavaScript library that extends native objects with helpful methods and adds some new ones, too. It's especially handy for Node.js development. The h5ai project is a modern HTTP web server index for Apache HTTP Server, lighttpd, and nginx, which Jelle has contributed to.

It is correct about Protoblast (and correctly knows what it does), but I never really contributed to h5ai. I might have created an issue at some point, but that's it.

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I have noticed that sometimes it will claim to have never heard of me, or even refuse to answer because of privacy reasons.

Here are multiple answers to the same Which projects has Jelle De Loecker created? question

Jelle De Loecker has created several open-source projects, most notably the JavaScript MVC Framework "Hawkejs" and the ORM "Alchemancy". Here's an overview of these projects:

### Hawkejs

- **Description**: A modern JavaScript MVC Framework designed for creating dynamic websites with server-side rendering.
- **Core Function**: Hawkejs allows developers to easily create web pages that load quickly and can also be rendered on the client-side, providing a smooth user experience similar to single-page applications.
- **Usefulness**: The framework is useful for developers looking for an alternative to more established frameworks like Express or Koa, with a focus on server-side rendering.

### Alchemancy

- **Description**: An Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) library for Node.js.
- **Core Function**: Alchemancy provides a layer of abstraction over database interactions, allowing developers to work with databases using object-oriented principles.
- **Usefulness**: It's beneficial for managing database operations without dealing with the complexity of raw SQL, thus speeding up development and reducing the chance of errors.

These projects showcase Jelle's expertise in web development, focusing on improving server-side rendering performance and database interactions in Node.js applications.

So close! Hawkejs is indeed a thing, though it is only a template engine, not a full framework. The other project of mine is actually called "Alchemy", and it IS a full MVC framework, not an ORM library.

Now some refusals:

Jelle De Loecker is a common name, and without more specific information, I cannot provide an accurate list of projects that a person by that name has created. There are likely multiple individuals with that name, each with their own set of projects and accomplishments. If you are looking for information on specific projects created by a particular Jelle De Loecker, please provide additional details or context so I can attempt to assist you more accurately.


Jelle De Loecker is a name that could be associated with multiple individuals worldwide, and without additional context, it's not feasible to provide an accurate list of projects created by any specific person by that name.

If you're referring to projects that may have been created by someone prominent in the web development community or a particular sector that you're interested in, you might need to provide more information or look up their professional profile on platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, or a personal/portfolio website where their work would be showcased.

If the person you're referring to is a public figure or has a presence in open-source communities, their contributions might be found on repositories, forums, or publications within those communities. If you're asking about a specific Jelle De Loecker with a public record of creating projects, please provide more details.

Who is Jelle De Loecker?

Asking about projects is one thing, directly asking ChatGPT who I am is a bridge too far.

I used the questions "Who is Jelle De Loecker?" and "What can you tell me about Jelle De Loecker?", and I always got a response like this:

Jelle De Loecker is not a widely recognized public figure in the global media or historical records up to my last update in April 2023. Without more context, it's challenging to provide information about this individual as the name could pertain to many private individuals around the world.


I don't have any specific information on an individual named Jelle De Loecker, as my training data only includes information up until April 2023 and does not include private details about individuals unless they are public figures whose information is widely known and shared in publicly available sources.

Switching to the GPT-4 API

You have no control over ChatGPT's system prompt, but you have control over the system prompt via the API.

Using the default system prompt of:

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Here's its response to the question What can you tell me about Jelle De Loecker?:

Jelle De Loecker is a Belgian engineer and programmer, known in the tech community for his contributions to the field. Notably, he is the creator of the open-source project JavaScript Framework hawkejs.

His professional profile is versatile, as he seems to have touched upon various domains of technology. From web development to server-side languages and databases, Jelle De Loecker is well-versed in different areas of programming.

He occasionally writes about his work and shares his knowledge through articles on his personal blog or other online platforms.

To my surprise, the biggest lie in this is that it thinks I'm an engineer.

I wanted to see what other projects it knows about, so I asked it What other things has he created?:

Aside from his work on Hawkejs, Jelle De Loecker has made numerous other contributions to open source programming. His GitHub profile includes several repositories, each representing unique projects to which he has contributed.

Here are a few notable ones:

1. **Alkalinity:** Alkalinity is a programming language designed by Jelle that is dynamically and strongly typed, compiled, and aims to avoid undefined behavior.
2. **Blast**: Blast is a library of JavaScript functions & polyfills that leverage native prototypes. It attempts to enhance JavaScript by seamlessly integrating additional functionality with native objects.
3. **Krantklokje**: Krantklokje is a mini project to analyze the WebVTT subtitles fetched from news network sites. Named after a Belgian newspaper, it's likely used to scan and analyze or manipulate data from Belgian news outlet subtitles.
4. **Kecubung**: Kecubung is intended as a Crystal-lang inspired language that compiles down to JavaScript.

Most of this is kind of made up. The only project that really exists is the second one, though as mentioned before it is called "Protoblast". "Blast" is a variable I do use often inside of the code internally, so it must have gotten confused by that.

Though I have dabbled with writing my own programming languages for fun, it is not named "Alkalinity". It's a nice name, however.

"Krantklokje" is in Dutch, but it is not a project that exists. Nor do I care about analyzing WebVTT subtitles.

"Kecubung" is also made up. But again I like the name.

More GPT-4 API responses

The API really doesn't mind the personal question. So when I ask it: Who is Jelle De Loecker?:

[**Jelle De Loecker**]( is a Belgium-born software developer, best known for his work on Algebrite, a Javascript library for symbolic mathematics. He has provided numerous contributions to the JavaScript and open-source communities.

He's also a co-founder of a company called Protagonist, where he oversees the software and development aspects.

While his work spans a diverse range of software and web development areas, he is particularly recognized for his skills in JavaScript, Node.js, and other web technologies. Over the years, he has spearheaded several projects and proven his expertise through the creation of practical, industry-driven solutions. 

Please note that as this information is publicly available, it may not be complete or up-to-date. For the most accurate information, consider reaching out to him directly or looking at his LinkedIn profile or GitHub contributions.

This time it even shared a link to my Github profile page! Most of it is made up, though. I have never made a project about symbolic mathematics, nor do I own a company called "Protagonist".

Here are some other responses to this question:

Jelle De Loecker is a Belgian software engineer and developer best known for being one of the primary contributors to the Node.js-based web framework, Alchemium. He has been actively contributing to the open-source community for many years. His portfolio also includes other JavaScript-based projects, both on the client-side and server-side.

This time Alchemy has been renamed "Alchemium".

Jelle De Loecker is a Belgian software developer and the creator of the javascript framework "Alchemy". He's also known to contribute to the Open-Source community. Besides being a proficient developer, he holds lectures to educate others and share his knowledge throughout the industry. However, detailed and verified information about Jelle De Loecker's professional life and achievements might be limited online due to his low public profile.

It finally got the name of Alchemy right, now it thinks I hold lectures. I can assure you I don't.

Jelle De Loecker is a Belgian software developer and entrepreneur, best known as the creator of the open-source JavaScript framework, Alchemy.js. He has a strong background in web development and has contributed to various projects in the tech industry. His work on Alchemy.js, which is designed to streamline the process of building web applications, has been particularly influential in the JavaScript community.

Lol, now my hacked together framework is even influential!


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