Bring back blogs!

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Get ready to dust off your keyboard and sharpen your pen, because blogging is back and I'm ready to write a storm in 2023

Minecraft's "inhabitedTime" tag

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Minecraft's world is divded into chunks. One chunk is 16x16x384 blocks: 16 wide, 16 deep & 384 tall. Each chunk has a tag called "inhabitedTime", but it is not entirely clear what this tracks.

Installing Minecraft Fabric mods with the MultiMC launcher

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Are you tired of managing multiple versions of Minecraft on your computer? MultiMC is the ultimate solution for organizing and managing your Minecraft instances. With its powerful interface and ability to export and import instances, you can easily keep track of your mods, resource packs, and saves. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple versions and hello to a streamlined Minecraft experience

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